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Sure Care

January 27, 2022
Sure Care

SureCare is an innovative responsive medical services platform that provides medical advisory services to its members. The platform is composed of a network of national and international doctors and practitioners as well as medical service providers in Bangladesh. The advisory services include the following:

Healthy lifestyle every day:

◦ Encouraging SureCare members to live a healthy life through preventive care (blood pressure, diabetes check, healthy body weight, immunization);

◦ Enabling members to create and maintain a personalized medical record file through the SureCare app.

◦ Sending periodic reminders using the SureCare apps to members for healthy lifestyle practices

• Discounts in diagnostic services
◦ SureCare participating hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic centers will offer 5 to 10 percent discounts for eligible tests and services [the members will receive a list of providers, services, and discounts]

Counseling and review service in cases of acute illness and hospitalization

◦ If a SureCare member is diagnosed with an acute illness (e.g. heart problem, cancer) and is advised for intervention or hospitalization, the member will call the SureCare call center during the regular office hours (9 am to 5 pm Saturday-Thursday) or report to SureCare by using the SureCare app.

◦ SureCare Medical Officer (MO) will be assigned for the case. The MO will contact the member as soon as possible (same day). S/he will review the reports and will provide immediate advice on options of treatment to the member as an advisory service. S/he will scan all the reports and send them to the appropriate reviewer (participating specialist doctors). All the SureCare specialist reviewers are recognized and internationally reputed doctors living in Bangladesh or countries in Australia, Europe, and North America.

◦ The reviewer will review the reports and further provide advice on possible options for treatment within 58 hours to ensure that the members can choose from viable treatment options available including a review of illnesses, second opinion cases.

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